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The Cyber Readiness Institute (CRI) has launched a Cyber Readiness Program designed to provide practical and meaningful assistance to small and medium businesses who perhaps don’t have the resources to give security the priority it needs and deserves.  Continue reading

While investigating an information disclosure flaw affecting one of its support forms, Twitter discovered a possible attack coming from IP addresses that may be linked to state-sponsored actors. Continue reading

Twitter recently addressed a security vulnerability that resulted in certain applications not correctly showing all of the permissions they had.  Continue reading

A Czech cyber-security agency on Monday warned against using the software and hardware of China’s Huawei and ZTE companies, saying they posed a threat to state security. Continue reading

Twitter discovered a possible nation-state attack while it was investigating an information disclosure flaw affecting its platform.

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We have become aware of an issue related to one of our support forms, which is used by account holders to contact Twitter about issues with their account. We began working to resolve the issue on November 15 and it was fixed by November 16. This could be used to discover the country code of people’s phone numbers if they had one associated with their Twitter account, as well as whether or not their account had been locked by Twitter. Continue reading

Brute force encryption and password cracking are dangerous tools in the wrong hands. Here’s what cybersecurity pros need to know to protect enterprises against brute force and dictionary attacks.

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In the aftermath of the Marriott breach, it’s fair to characterize Gartner’s Avivah Litan as mad as hell and not wanting the U.S. to take it anymore. Going into 2019, Litan has policy and technology recommendations for national cyber defense. Continue reading

Ireland’s privacy watchdog is probing two data breaches at Facebook that exposed users’ private information. Continue reading

Where were you when the lights went out? That line became famous after the 1977 blackout in New York City. This power outage was caused by lightning and lasted for up to two days, depending on which part of New York you lived in. While in this case the power grid failure was a freak incident due to faulty backup equipment, it is still famous for the havoc it wreaked throughout the city—including looting and arson—during a time when national morale was already low. Continue reading