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Population structure and cultural geography of a folktale in Europe. Credit: (c) Proceedings of the Royal Society B, doi: 10.1098/rspb.2012.3065
A team of researchers from New Zealand and Australia has found that cultural exchange in human populations sometimes occurs at a much slower rate than genetic divergence. As the group explains in their paper published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B, they found that a popular folktale was slower to migrate between different groups of people, than were gene transfers. Continue reading

A scientific publication system needs to provide two basic services: access and evaluation. The traditional publication system restricts the access to papers by requiring payment, and it restricts the evaluation of papers by relying on just 2-4 pre-publication peer reviews and by keeping the reviews secret. As a result, the current system suffers from a lack of quality and transparency of the peer-review evaluation process, and the only immediately available indication of a new paper’s quality is the prestige of the journal it appeared in.  Continue reading

University of Chicago Pritzker School Of Medicine Analysis Cites Diversity of Students, Pass/Fail System and Health Care Disparities Course As Supportive

While minority populations are rising throughout the country, enrollment by minority students in the nation’s medical schools has stagnated. Further, some data show that non-white students face a greater likelihood of academic withdrawal or dismissal, or graduate without passing key exams on their first try. Continue reading

Why do girls get better grades in elementary school than boys-even when they perform worse on standardized tests? Continue reading

Park Geun-hye vows to raise investment in basic research and to accelerate Moon-lander plans.

South Korea’s thriving research base could be propelled to new heights if its next president makes good on her election promises. Park Geun-hye narrowly defeated her rival, Moon Jae-in, in the presidential election on 19 December, and will become the country’s first female president when she takes office on 25 February. Continue reading

Members of Youth Think Tank meet with Legatum Center staff and fellows at MIT.

The Legatum Center at MIT recently hosted five members of the MasterCard Foundation Youth Think Tank, which was founded to engage young people from Africa to bring insight into issues facing the continent. The young African leaders met with Legatum Center staff and fellows and voiced their ideas on new paths to inclusive growth and prosperity in a rapidly expanding part of the world. Continue reading

Hit single Gangnam Style by South Korean rapper Psy—the most viewed clip in YouTube’s history—may mark the start of a global shift in which the Asia/Pacific region’s cultural influence catches up to its economic and political importance, says researcher Dr Stephen Epstein. Continue reading

Many young Jamaican immigrants are succeeding in the United States precisely because they remain strongly tied to Jamaican culture, said University of Illinois professor Gail M. Ferguson.

“Although many of these youths have forged a unique tricultural identity that draws from their Jamaican Continue reading