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Apparently this is the best that the design firm could come up with when asked to design the couple of new trucks. Continue reading

Ferrari FXX-K 200+ mph at Daytona

Range Rover Velar

Audi and Porsche, beware — Range Rover is coming for you. Continue reading


You can’t stand still in the supercar world. Your competitors are always busy building something faster, sleeker, brasher, and most definitely more expensive. It’s an automotive arms race. Continue reading


There are two types of Ferraristi in the world: those who believe naturally-aspirated engines are the soul of the Prancing Horse, and those who embrace turbo as making the most of design brilliance emerging from Maranello. Continue reading

An image of the accident, posted by Munich's fire brigade on Facebook.

It feels good to be the hero, and for the driver that exposed his Tesla (and himself) to danger in order to save another driver, it won’t even be very costly.  Continue reading


On a short test ride (and recline), the Lucid Air makes its case. Continue reading

BUGATTI DOES NOT build cars for going places. Going somewhere, rather, is an excuse to drive a Bugatti. “We are not talking about transportation,” Bugatti boss Wolfgang Durheimer told me last year, when he unveiled the Chiron, a more extreme successor to the ultra-extreme Veyron. “We are talking about being very fast, being very unusual, being top of the top.” Continue reading

This wild weekend ride also fixed our man’s bad back.

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