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If you reduce the notion of a boat to its simplest purpose, it is a vehicle designed to keep you from getting wet.  Continue reading


Some fear bringing back classic workhorse is more about nostalgia than business sense Continue reading

Horacio Pagani is an obsessive. This trait manifested itself during his time as an engineer at Lamborghini, where he was responsible for the outrageous Countach Evoluzione, a 1987 concept that not only shaved an incredble 1,000 pounds off the weight of the standard Countach through the use of carbon fiber and Kevlar, but also became a rolling test bed for advanced systems like antilock brakes, four-wheel drive, and a computer-controlled adjustable suspension. Continue reading

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If you’re a hot rod fan, you’ll have a strong opinion — one way or the other — about this mash-up of a 1930s Ford chassis with a 3.0-liter Ferrari V8. Continue reading

Apparently this is the best that the design firm could come up with when asked to design the couple of new trucks. Continue reading

Ferrari FXX-K 200+ mph at Daytona

Range Rover Velar

Audi and Porsche, beware — Range Rover is coming for you. Continue reading