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A risk assessment has been performed and contingency plans are now in place to reduce the risk and impact of any further attacks. It is important to note that the ENTSO-E office network is not connected to any operational TSO system. Our TSO members have been informed and we continue to monitor and assess the situation. Continue reading

Those of us who have worked in cybersecurity for many years often start to think we’ve “seen it all.” We haven’t. This year’s CrowdStrike® Global Threat Report provides clear evidence of that.




Multiple vulnerabilities in Cisco Webex Network Recording Player for Microsoft Windows and Cisco Webex Player for Microsoft Windows could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code on an affected system. Continue reading

Subdomains are prefixes of internet addresses. If we think that our home’s address is an internet address (URL), then we can call the street as subdomain. Webmasters use subdomains because of some reasons like security, SEO, API, CDN or categorizing. Subdomains technically work like domains and it need a secure platform. Continue reading

Dear Customer,

We want to let you know about a sophisticated attack that we recently identified and quickly shut down, which may have impacted some of your account information. Continue reading

Roaming Mantis, part V

Distributed in 2019 using SMiShing and enhanced anti-researcher techniques

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Machine learning for computer security has enjoyed a number of recent successes, but these tools aren’t perfect, and sometimes a novel family is able to evade file-based detection. This blog walks you through a method to automatically extract discriminative features from the entry point of portable executable (PE) malware — in this case, malware binaries in the “Portable Executable” format used by Microsoft Windows. Continue reading

The Unit 42 Cloud Threat Report: Spring 2020 focused on the practices of DevOps to determine where misconfigurations are happening in the cloud. Continue reading

Between October 2019 through the beginning of December 2019, Unit 42 observed multiple instances of phishing attacks likely related to a threat group known as Molerats (AKA Gaza Hackers Team and Gaza Cybergang) targeting eight organizations in six different countries in the government, telecommunications, insurance and retail industries, of which the latter two were quite peculiar. Continue reading

Threatpost talks to Alex Tilley, senior security researcher with Dell SecureWorks’ Counter Threat Unit Research Team, about a recently discovered campaign linked to an Iranian APT.

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