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By using a combination of Cortex XDR and the AutoFocus contextual threat intelligence service, Unit 42 discovered a recent Trickbot campaign leveraging legitimate cloud service providers to obfuscate malicious delivery behavior. Continue reading

In recent years containers have become increasingly popular. A few years ago Microsoft realized that and teamed up with Docker to offer a container solution for Microsoft Windows. Continue reading

McLaren has revealed its latest supercar: the Elva roadster. This is the lightest car ever produced by the company. This amazing car is without any windows, roof or windscreen. However the car is still able to create a ‘relative bubble of calm’. , Continue reading

Real-world tests of the system are set to begin soon, according to a local news report.

Continue reading

Engineers and scientists working for the Heliogen startup, which is funded by Bill Gates, have been working stealthily lately, building a solar mirror park. Continue reading

CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Motors, Elon Musk has claimed that his neurotechnology company Neuralink can ‘solve’ autism and Schizophrenia with a brain chip. Continue reading

China is planning to build a space based solar power station to beam energy back to Earth. According to the China Academy of Space Technology (CAST) it could all take place as soon as 2035. Continue reading

In a big breakthrough, researchers from University of Bath, a leading UK university have decoded the weird behaviors of brain cells. They have developed tiny silicon microchips which behave like biological neurons present in the human body. Continue reading

Android owners take note: from next summer, you will finally be able to cast your phone to new BMWs. After much lobbying from customers, the Bavarian automaker has revealed that at last it is going to add Android Auto support to its iDrive 7 infotainment system next year. Continue reading

Cybereason’s Nocturnus team is tracking a new keylogger gaining traction among cybercriminals called Phoenix. The keylogger first emerged in July 2019 packed with a myriad of information-stealing features. These features extend beyond solely logging keystrokes, to the point where we are inclined to classify it as an infostealer. Continue reading