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The OceanLotus, an APT group said to have a Vietnamese background, was first exposed and named by SkyEye Labs (the predecessor of the RedDrip team of QiAnXin Threat Intelligence Center) in May 2015. Its attack activities can be traced back to April 2012 with initial targets including Chinese maritime institutions, maritime construction, scientific research institutes and shipping enterprises. Their targets expanded to almost all important organizations afterwards and related activities are still active now. Continue reading

Since July 2015, the Army Lions Organization (APT-C-38) has launched an organized, planned and targeted uninterrupted attack in the Middle East. Its attack platform is Windows and Android. Up to now, 360 Beaconlab has captured 25 Android platform attack samples, 4 Windows platform attack samples, and 16 C2 domain names. Continue reading

The APP generation framework is a framework for implementing APP development without complicated technical programming. Developing an APP using the APP generation framework can greatly simplify development steps, shorten the development cycle, and save development costs to a certain extent. Continue reading

Waterbug may have hijacked a separate espionage group’s infrastructure during one attack against a Middle Eastern target.

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