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In the last three years, a suspected Iranian cyber-espionage group has targeted organizations in Saudi Arabia and the United States in attacks spanning several sectors, researchers from cybersecurity company Symantec said Wednesday. Continue reading

Buried in the 41-page felony complaint charging a former U.S. intelligence operative of spying for the Chinese, FBI investigators declare that the suspect, Ron Rockwell Hansen, had been printing information from his colleagues’ LinkedIn pages. Continue reading

A former National Security Agency contractor accused of one of the largest breaches of classified data in U.S. history pleaded guilty Thursday to one felony count and faces a total of nine years in federal prison. Continue reading

There are 3 ways to request CDR data under these rules. Product data requests Any person may request a data holder to disclose CDR data that relates to products offered by the data holder. Such a request is called a product data request. Continue reading

Law enforcement agencies across the world are bombarding tech giants like Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft with thousands of requests for customer data every week, insiders revealed at a private security briefing in London earlier in March. Continue reading

Data is the foundation of artificial intelligence-driven automation. Our data is becoming a valuable commodity to automation initiatives across nations: its governments, industries, organizations, and academia (NGIOA). Since data and information drive the value of artificial intelligence initiatives, the better the sources of data, the better the automation initiatives and resulting intelligence outcomes. Continue reading

Shares of Proofpoint (PFPT) are on firmer ground this year thanks to investor optimism about some of the cybersecurity vendor’s newer product offerings. Proofpoint stock fell 5% in 2018, dragged down in part by concerns about slowing growth in the company’s core email security business. So far this year, the stock is rallying 44%. Continue reading

Millions of dollars have been lost to fraudsters exploiting Apple Pay loopholes left open by banks. Will the new Apple Card close the door on credit card fraud? Continue reading

The complexity of x86-based systems has become so great that not even specialists can know everything. The recently discovered Meltdown/Spectre vulnerabilities, as well as numerous issues in Intel Management Engine, underscore the platform’s mindboggling intricacies. So, the chips manufacturer has to actively use of various means for manufacturing verification and post-silicon debugging. Continue reading

During a presentation at Black Hat Asia in Singapore yesterday, two security researchers from Positive Technologies revealed how an undocumented technology inside Intel microchips might be activated by attackers. The Visualization of Internal Signals Architecture (VISA) enables data from memory to be read, and signals from peripherals to be interrupted. Continue reading