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Over the past few weeks, we have been monitoring suspicious activity directed against Russian-based companies that exposed a predator-prey relationship that we had not seen before. For the first time we were observing what seemed to be a coordinated North Korean attack against Russian entities. While attributing attacks to a certain threat group or another is problematic, the analysis below reveals intrinsic connections to the tactics, techniques and tools used by the North Korean APT group – Lazarus. Continue reading

Shares in LandMark White have plummeted 10.6 per cent to a four-year low after the valuer resumed trading following a massive data breach, which resulted in details of about 100,000 home loan customers being leaked. Continue reading

CrowdStrike® Intelligence observed a new campaign from a LUNAR SPIDER affiliate to distribute WIZARD SPIDER’s TrickBot malware on Feb. 7, 2019. However, this latest campaign is somewhat unique due to a custom variant of a TrickBot module that (to date) is only associated with this campaign. Continue reading

Last week, we announced our partnership with Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport to protect the Formula1® team. In a world where high-profile brands and global sporting events are in the sights of cyberattackers, I want to add some color to the motivations that drive our partnership and examine the synergies between our respective organizations. Continue reading

This is a Splunk application containing several dashboards and over 120 reports that will facilitate initial hunting indicators to investigate. Continue reading

Hacker is selling 93 million user records from eight companies, including GfyCat. Continue reading

The first wartime cyber attack against electricity grids was in 1999, says one of Australia’s leading cyber strategists, but 20 years later we’re still not ready to face ‘multi-vector’ cyber attacks. Continue reading

A collection of the Final Reports from Cyber Storms I-IV. These reports provide the general public with an overview of each exercise, including objectives, general participants, and lessons learned.

Continue reading

Major General Marcus Thompson says Australia’s ability to scale its defence capabilities when it comes to the crunch is what keeps him up at night. Continue reading

Legislative basis The Communications report 2017–18 fulfils multiple legislative obligations under the Australian Communications and Media Authority Act 2005 (ACMA Act). These include requirements that the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) reports to the Minister for Communications and the Arts (the minister) on the telecommunications industry and matters affecting consumers of carriage services, conducts research on community attitudes to broadcasting programs, and advises the minister on service and industry trends in the broadcasting and internet industries and content services. Information about the broadcasting industry’s performance in meeting regulatory obligations is also included in this report. Continue reading