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The Nightmare After Christmas

This past year was a brutal one for cybersecurity professionals, between mega-credential dumps, massive breaches, increasingly sophisticated and rapidly changing attacker techniques, the web (and routers!) awash in cryptocurrency miners, content delivery network (CDN) takeovers enabling at-scale card skimming, nigh unstoppable and continuously evolving banking trojans, and scads more internet-connected devices becoming drones in planetary-wide botnets. Continue reading

Seasons greetings, HaXmas readers! While most HaXmas posts this holiday season are full of fun and frivolity, this one is, admittedly, about as dry as last year’s fruitcake: a pretty routine vulnerability disclosure in a piece of IoT gear. Per Rapid7’s normal disclosure policy, we’re publishing this today, which happens to be right about 60 days after our first disclosure to the vendor of this video camera. Unfortunately, despite multiple efforts at coordination with the vendor, we haven’t heard back from them at all, so with that, we’ll just jump in with the vulnerability proper. Continue reading

It was one of the biggest moves in the history of the Federal Republic: the Federal Intelligence Service moved from Pullach to Berlin – with more than 100,000 boxes and 58,000 pieces of furniture. Now the work is almost over.

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Security researchers disclosed new work at the Chaos Communication Congress showing how hackers can bypass vein based authentication.

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Privacy International has been investigating the proliferation of data tracking, brokerage and exchange between many tech companies, both as their primary business as well as value added services. Continue reading

A new serious vulnerability discovered on Internet Explorer. Microsoft has released an extraordinary security update to block the flaw. Attention, cyber attacks are already underway that exploit it

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Two new phishing campaigns against public bodies are under way in Italy. The cybercrime tries to steal credentials, directing victims to malicious external pages

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From the maxi amendment to the Budget Law in Italy one million per year for the Defense from 2019 to 2021. Meanwhile, the Public Administration will be obliged to innovate, on pain of causing a possible loss of revenue

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In the last weeks, a new variant of infamous botnet named Danabot hit Italy. Security firms such as Proofpointand Eset analyzed other samples of the same threat targeting the Australian landscape back in May 2018 and, more recently, in Italy . The Cybaze-Yoroi ZLab dissected one of these recent Danabot variants spread across the Italian cyberspace leveraging “Fattura” themed phishing emails (e.g. N051118), where the malicious payload was dropped abusing a macro-enabled word document able to download the malicious DLL paylaod. Continue reading

The Cybaze-Yoroi ZLab researchers investigated a recent espionage malware implant weaponized to target companies in the Italian automotive sector. The malware was spread through well written phishing email trying to impersonate a senior partner of one of the major Brazilian business law firms: “Veirano Advogados”. Continue reading