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Wikipedia blocked in Turkey

The Turkey Blocks monitoring network has verified restrictions affecting the Wikipedia online encyclopaedia in Turkey. A block affecting all language editions of the website detected at 8:00AM local time Saturday 29 April. The loss of availability is consistent with internet filters used to censor content in the country. Continue reading

Today we look to the future, focusing on how quantum mechanical phenomena can be harnessed to vastly increase our computing capabilities. Leaving aside quantum computing for a second – computing itself has pushed the human race forward phenomenal amounts. It’s often said what you know isn’t as important as what you know how to know – possessing the knowledge of how to acquire information is just as useful as the information itself. In reality you are only ever one step away from it. Continue reading

I have been meaning to write an opinion piece titled: Has a generation of theory been stolen by the strings? when it came to my attention we have never had a post outlining the basics of string theory. To ensure a more natural ordering for those who do follow RTU on a regular basis, today we will look at some of the central ideas in string theory and why it is has been such a luring prospect for some of the most intelligent minds on the planet. Continue reading

In today’s post we’ll be presenting a go-to in every theoretical physicist’s toolkit, the thought experiment. I’ll present its pros and cons while giving a few examples of noteworthy thought experiments across the ages. Thought experiments occur across the sciences and are by no means confined to physics, though the ones I’ve presented below belong to my favourite discipline. So without further ado let’s discover the beauty of what excellent work can be accomplished inside the mind… Continue reading

Hundreds of thousands of cable modems are vulnerable to SNMP attacks.

SNMP authentication bypass flaw could be used to hijack hundreds of thousands of cable modems from around the world.

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Cars will use the system by simply driving into the designated parking areas, where they will be secured on an electric 'skate

Elon Musk has been teasing his tunneling project since he first tweeted the idea during a frustrated rant aimed at LA‘s heavy traffic in December. Now, the first details of the radical project have been revealed. Continue reading

Since HG Wells first popularized the idea in 1885, time travel has remained a steady theme in science fiction. But in reality, it might be more feasible than you’d think. A stock image is pictured 

Since HG Wells first popularized the idea in 1885, time travel has remained a steady theme in science fiction. But in reality, it might be more feasible than you’d think. Continue reading

Scientists just got their first glimpse into the space between Saturn and its rings. And it’s pretty stunning. On Wednesday, the NASA space probe Cassini performed the first of 22 planned dives through the rings around the planet. Continue reading

The John McAfee Privacy phone, teased by the man himself

Cybersecurity mogul John McAfee has revealed his plans to produce what he calls the “world’s first truly private smartphone.” The device is something he claims will be the most hack-proof smartphone ever manufactured. Continue reading

Large data breaches seem to always make the news, but what about the countless small businesses that often have less data security measures? Small businesses are now one of the most targeted areas of cyber crime and the trend is on the rise. Researchers believe small business customer data is even more valuable because they are smaller and have less resources to identify or protect against a data breach or data leak.

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