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Ferrari FXX-K 200+ mph at Daytona

The country of Denmark generated enough wind energy on Wednesday to power the entire country’s electricity needs, according to new figures from Europe’s wind energy trade body, WindEurope. Continue reading

With a new website showcasing federal software code, the Pentagon is the latest government entity to join the open-source movement. Continue reading

A cryptographic hash function H ∶ {0, 1} ∗ → {0, 1} n is a function that computes for any arbitrarily long message M a fixed-length hash value of n bits. It is a versatile cryptographic primitive used in many applications including digital signature schemes, message authentication codes, password hashing and content-addressable storage.

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8 small business security

Just turn off Administrator’s rights on the PC and you can lock it down.

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How Third Man Pressing is perfecting the art of the LP in Detroit Continue reading

“Case closed,” he says.

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For once, they’re not trying to kill you.

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