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My first reaction upon hearing about BMW’s Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 was that the name is a mouthful to say. But really, my initial reaction upon actually seeing the bike was that it certainly looks futuristic as hell. Continue reading


Nintendo seems to be continuously innovating and their newest gaming console, the Nintendo Switch, doesn’t disappoint. Continue reading

The two new MacBook Pro laptops

The MacBook Pro finally has a touchscreen — just not the one you think. With the Touch Bar, Apple pulls of a nearly perfect double backflip into the world of touch computers (without acknowledging that people would ever want to touch their displays). Continue reading

Find the best fully loaded Kodi box with this guide

This post should confuse some of my longer readers, because I’ve always argued against buying a fully loaded Kodi box. In fact, I’ve even said that Kodi boxes don’t really exist in my free ebook,Ten things I wish I knew before buying my first Android TV Box. Continue reading