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Cyber Skirmish: Russia v. Turkey

Cyber Skirmish: Russia v. Turkey

On the morning of 24 November 2015 an F-16 operated by the Turkish Air Force dropped into position behind a Russian Su-24 Fencer and dispatched an air-to-air Sidewinder missile that sliced into the Russian aircraft, sending it smoking toward the ground. Continue reading

The new GozNym banking Trojan poses a major threat to financial institutions in North America, and it could soon spread to other parts of the world. This sophisticated new malware is the offspring of two other infamous cyberthreats.

IBM X-Force Research uncovered a Trojan hybrid spawned from the Nymaim and GoziISFB malware. It appears that the operators of Nymaim have recompiled its source code with part of the Gozi ISFB source code, creating a combination that is being actively used in attacks against more than 24 U.S. and Canadian banks, stealing millions of dollars so far. X-Force named this new hybrid GozNym. Continue reading


Petya is a relatively new ransomware variant that first appeared on the cyber-crime scene at the beginning of 2016.
While Petya doesn’t have an impressive infection rate like other ransomware such as CryptoWall or TeslaCrypt, it was immediately flagged as the next step in ransomware evolution. Continue reading

htc 10 chart

The HTC 10 has finally been revealed, and we now know enough about the phone to consider its worth up against some of the competition. Here’s a look at the device up against the LG G5, Samsung Galaxy S7 and the iPhone 6S. Continue reading


The cheapest Elephone that launched today is the S1. It’s a 5-inch smartphone with a below-average specs for less than four thousand bucks. For that price, one can’t really expect it to have the best hardware available but when we saw it in person, we were in awe. Continue reading

Oculus Rift CV1 Teardown

Image 1/2: Two OLED displays with a combined resolution  of 2160 x 1200

We’ve had our eyes on Oculus since the beginning, having dismantled (and successfully re-mantled) both development versions of their VR headset. But today, we’ve got the real deal: the final, consumer-ready, OMG-it’s-finally-here Oculus Rift. After four long years of development, what changed? What stayed the same? And can we put it down long enough to actually take it apart and find out? Continue reading