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As previously discussed by Unit 42, banking Trojans have been targeting Brazilian systems for years given the popularity of online banking services in the country. Recently, we analyzed a handful of samples targeting Brazilian systems that exhibited a unique and complex multi-stage loading process. Antivirus detection names for this malware typically are detected as generic named families or “Banload”. Continue reading

It’s “precrime” meets “thoughtcrime.” China is using its substantial surveillance apparatus as the basis for a “unified information environment” that will allow authorities to profile individual citizens based upon their online behaviors, financial transactions, where they go, and who they see.  Continue reading

KENT, Wash.—Notebooks in hand, we gathered around a long table inside Jupiter 2, a conference room on the second floor of Blue Origin’s headquarters. Ten of us had come at the company’s invitation to see for the first time, first hand, where Blue Origin builds its spaceships and rockets. For years, this had been undiscovered country for journalists. And then Jeff Bezos, as casual as you please in a blue and white checkered shirt and designer jeans, strolled into the room. Continue reading


Second Sight’s retinal implants have restored some degree of vision to patients that were functionally blind. Now the company is looking to units that can interface directly with the brain itself. Continue reading

Galaxy S7 camera Samsung

Here are two inscrutable numbers: f/2.2 and f/1.7. The first represents the iPhone 6s Plus camera’s aperture. The second is the Galaxy S7’s. A difference of 0.5 gives the Galaxy S7 all the advantage it needs to blow the iPhone out of the water. Continue reading

Windows Phone users are finally getting an official Instagram app. This new Instagram app is an unfinished beta version that Instagram is using to net feedback from Windows 10 Mobile users about any bugs and issues they encounter. To achieve this, the app is baked with a function that lets you physically shake the phone the invoke a feedback function. Continue reading

ASUS Transformer Book T100HA
After seeing every generation of the Transformer series from ASUS since its inception, the T100HA doesn’t fail to please us.

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 3
The Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 is a highly recommended smartphone in its price segment, especially if you are looking for a smartphone that offers unparalleled performance and class leading battery-life.

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LeEco Le Max
The LeEco Le Max smartphone is worth considering, as long as you want the company’s ecosystem for yourself. If not, the Nexus 6P provides slightly better performance and a better camera.

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Apple’s new campus has received significant attention during its development phase, from design renderings and blueprints to aerial footage captured by drones. Apple has shared with Mashable exclusive details and photos of its new corporate offices, including the theater that will serve as the venue for future Apple product launches. Continue reading