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A unique data-stealing trojan has been spotted on USB devices in the wild – and it is different from typical data-stealing malware. Each instance of this trojan relies on the particular USB device on which it is installed and it leaves no evidence on the compromised system. Moreover, it uses a very special mechanism to protect itself from being reproduced or copied, which makes it even harder to detect. Continue reading

On Jan. 27, we observed visitors to a Korean news site being redirected to the GongDa Exploit Kit (EK), potentially exposing them to malware infection. We will be referring to this site as KNS. Continue reading

On Feb. 19, IBM XForce researchers released an intelligence report [1] stating that the source code for GM Bot was leaked to a crimeware forum in December 2015. GM Bot is a sophisticated Android malware family that emerged in the Russian-speaking cybercrime underground in late 2014. IBM also claimed that several Android malware families recently described in the security community were actually variants of GM Bot, including Bankosy[2], MazarBot[3], and the SlemBunk malware recently described by FireEye[4, 5].

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The concept of file-less malware is not a new one. Families like Poweliks, which abuse Microsoft’s PowerShell, have emerged in recent years and have garnered extensive attention due to their ability to compromise a system while leaving little or no trace of their presence to traditional forensic techniques. Continue reading

Quartermaster 1

Unit 42 has collected multiple spear phishing emails, weaponized document files, and payloads that targeted various offices of the Mongolian government during the time period of August 2015 and February 2016. The phishing emails and document files leveraged a variety of geopolitically sensitive subject matters as attractive lures, such as events in Beijing, the Dalai Lama, North Korea relations, the Zika virus, and various legitimate appearing announcements. Continue reading


Overview A new ransomware dubbed ‘KeRanger’ was discovered on March 4, 2016. The malware is distributed via the Transmission BitTorrent installer version 2.90 for OSX. Unlike most ransomwares, the targeted operating system is Mac OSX, which makes KeRanger the first active ransomware to target this operating system. Continue reading

How to fix Kodi zoomed in problems

This morning started out like any other. Go to my PC and start Kodi. That’s where it went bad quickly. Continue reading

hiring software developers

They fear A.I. obsolescence more than being broke in old age

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It is possible to monitor and control float trucks, public bus or delivery vans from the internet, obtaining their speed, position, and a lot other parameters. You can even control some parameters of the vehicle or hack into the canbus of the vehicle remotely. Continue reading

As defensive security controls raise the bar to attack, attackers will employ increasingly sophisticated techniques to complete their mission. Understanding the mechanics and impact of these threats is essential to systematically discover and deflect the coming wave of advanced attacks.

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