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Should I Really Trust the Cloud with my Endpoint Protection?

The radical shift in the scale and economics of cybercrime calls for an equally radical change in how IT protects user systems. Whether it is from phishing attempts, drive-by-downloads, or any other number of attack techniques, endpoints are usually at the spear tip of assaults on enterprise networks. Unfortunately, the first line of defense used on laptops, workstations, and servers are outdated on-premises solutions that are constantly out-of-touch with the most current attack patterns. Continue reading

Derbycon Thousands of critical medical systems – including Magnetic Resonance Imaging machines and nuclear medicine devices – that are vulnerable to attack have been found exposed online. Continue reading

India has sent its first ever observational space telescope, called ASTROSAT, into orbit, after a successful launch from the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-C30) rocket. Continue reading

For users interested in an alternative to Flash to deliver audio and video, James East – Product Manager in Media Playout, introduces a beta trial of HTML5, as well as a new native Android player for BBC iPlayer.

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It may not be the definitive decision which propels humanity towards our inevitable end, but in a post on the Beeb’s internet blog, James East, the Media Playout Product Manager, stated that his team is now confident they can “achieve the playback quality you’d expect from the BBC without using a third-party plugin.” Continue reading

Docker logo

How to Docker is the name on the tip of many tongues at the moment. It is a containerisation engine which allows you to package up an application along with all the settings and software required to run it and deploy it to a server with a minimum of fuss. Continue reading

Did your PC crash a lot in the 90s? Yes, sorry about that

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Should have stayed under the skirt of Mother Russia. Just a thought

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Analysis of big data in real time provides a granularity of insight into normal network behaviour, allowing earlier identification of abnormal behaviour.

Connecting more devices to the internet is increasing the attack surface for hackers, but delegates at a techUK briefing in London yesterday were told that the sheer volume of new data generated by ever more data sources also presents opportunities for big data analytics to provide a more granular look at what activity is normal – and thus identify abnormal behaviour earlier. Continue reading

Gaza cybergang is a politically motivated Arabic cybercriminal group operating in the MENA (Middle East North Africa) region, targeting mainly Egypt, United Arab Emirates and Yemen. The group has been operating since 2012 and became particularly active in Q2 2015. Continue reading