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Cyber-Espionage Nightmare

A groundbreaking online-spying case unearths details that companies wish you didn’t know about how vital information slips away from them.  Continue reading

MIT Technology Review's photo.

Automakers and tech companies are racing to bring safer and more useful smartphone-style interfaces to cars. Can any of them go further and reprogram vehicles completely? Continue reading

Network scientists have discovered how social networks can create the illusion that something is common when it is actually rare.  Continue reading

The Secure Sockets Layer version 3.0 (SSLv3), as specified in RFC
6101, is not sufficiently secure.  This document requires that SSLv3
not be used.  The replacement versions, in particular, Transport
Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 (RFC 5246), are considerably more secure and
capable protocols. Continue reading

Mudge on the CFT

One of the longstanding problems in security–and the software industry in general–is the lack of any universally acknowledged authority on quality and reliability. Continue reading


Cyber UL – “Paper discussing the way computer security systems are rated and how out of whack these ratings are from reality. Maybe a system based on the ratings the UL uses for alarm systems and safes makes more sense.” Continue reading


Apple today released iOS 8.4, the fourth major update to iOS 8. First seeded to developers in April, iOS 8.4 includes a newly revamped Music app and Apple’s long-awaited on-demand streaming music service, Apple Music. Continue reading


Services used by hundreds of thousands of people in the UK to protect their identity on the web are vulnerable to leaks, according to researchers at QMUL and others.

Continue reading

Playing music combines complex brain work with feats of coordination. Scientists would love to know how musicians pull it off—just what happens to a pianist’s brain while recalling Rachmaninoff or to a sax player’s tongue while riffing? Continue reading