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Jeff Bezos Has a Rocket Now, too

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

Blue Origin, the space company created by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, had its first successful test flight yesterday. Continue reading

Three employees of 18F, the digital fix-it arm of the federal government, were honored at Tuesday night’s inaugural DCFemTech awards, recognizing the D.C. area’s top female programmers. Continue reading


Deconstructing the new Apple watch is not a game for amateurs. ABI Research’s TeardownIQ reveals a design centered on a custom Apple Processor (APL 0778) but includes Broadcom (BCM43342), Dialog PMU, NXP (NFC controller), and AMS (NFC booster) connectivity, IDT wireless charger receiver, Elpida RAM, SanDisk / Toshiba Flash memory, STM sensors, and a couple ADI capacitive touch solutions. Continue reading

Linux/Mumblehard is a family of malware targeting servers running both the Linux and BSD operating systems. A Mumblehard infected server opens a backdoor for the cybercriminals that allows them full control of the system by running arbitrary code. It also has a general purpose-proxy and a module for sending spam messages. Continue reading

One of the more interesting sessions I attended last week at RSAC in San Francisco was Killing the Kill Chain: Disrupting the Cyber Attack Progression, with panel members and a moderator from Tripwire. Continue reading

Earlier this year, I – along with some members of our DevOps team – noticed some interesting behavior in libmysqlclient and the MySQL CLI: no matter how hard we tried (no matter how many MYSQL_OPT_SSL_* options we set) we could not make the client enforce the use of SSL. If the server claimed not to support it, the client would happily communicate over plain old, unencrypted TCP! Continue reading

Google has deprecated the desktop Web. It’s still here, but for Google it just got less important.

At least that’s the implicit message in Google’s recent mobile search update. The company is now judging how “mobile-friendly” a site is and is using that metric to weight search results served to mobile devices. Continue reading

SAN FRANCISCO—Federal prosecutors successfully argued Wednesday that Carl Mark Force, the former Drug Enforcement Administration agent who allegedly went rogue during the investigation of Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht, should not be granted bail. Continue reading

Robert Brunner, founder of Ammunition Group, discusses his approach to design with Bloomberg’s Cory Johnson on “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg) Continue reading