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KDE developers have been porting their Plasma 5 + KDE Frameworks 5 stack over to Wayland, but at this point it’s not nearly as mature as the GNOME Wayland support. Continue reading

The house that built Tomb Raider sat on top of the world in 1998. Fresh from two gang-busting chart toppers that eventually amassed roughly 15 million in sales between them, Continue reading

Manufacturers of the most exotic and exclusive cars on the planet don’t launch new models every day. Take Bugatti, for instance, which has only had a single proper model in the past decade. Continue reading

Is Lincoln’s design rebirth built on the back on Bentley? Bentley’s designers seem to think so. And not because the show car is called Continental. Continue reading

APT targeted attack

An APT group with its sights on selective targets, most of those in Israel, has been using an elusive malware implant to steal data from groups with state and political interests. Continue reading

The PC-BSD developers responsible for their new Lumina desktop environment have released a new version of their custom interface. Continue reading

Home Sharing is a very useful feature in iTunes which allows you to share your media library to other computers and devices on your network. You use Home Sharing to access content on an Apple TV, but you can also use it, for example, to play music from a central iTunes library on another computer. Continue reading