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The top ten gadgets of 2014

2014 was the year that wearable technology failed to take off – but we’re living in a golden age anyway, as these ten gadgets prove Continue reading

Technology in 2015 - the new gadgets coming your way

Smarter appliances, cars, watches and virtual reality. All paid for with a swipe of your smartphone? 2015 may make it a reality Continue reading

the US Army had to recruit people who were not typical candidates for a military career

The US army could waive combat training for hackers in order to boost its cyberwarfare capabilities, says general Continue reading

Part of the first Twilight Struggle test map, circa 2002.

The game ends in nuclear war only about 5 percent of the time. That’s a good thing. It gives Ananda Gupta faith in humanity. Continue reading

What were the best cars of 2014? Again, the song remains the same: Most every car is pretty good now, so technology is the difference-maker, not horsepower, not fuel efficiency, not cupholder- or airbag-count. The car with more driver safety assistance when you need them, or an infotainment system that your spouse can master, that’s the car or SUV you probably want. These are the vehicles we honor as ExtremeTech’s 10 Best Tech Cars of 2014. Continue reading

Certain games allow players to infuse the in-game economy with real-life money. Sometimes, like with Diablo III’s real-money auction house, that doesn’t work out and the developer removes the real-money transactions before they can do further harm to the in-game economy. Continue reading

Instead, new Chrome-like browser codenamed “Spartan” will ship alongside IE11. Continue reading

I find few things more fascinating than remote fixes to distant spacecraft. We’ve used them surprisingly often, an outstanding case in point being the Galileo mission to Jupiter, launched in 1989. The failure of the craft’s high-gain antenna demanded that controllers maximize what they had left, using the low-gain antenna along with data compression and receiver upgrades on Earth to perform outstanding science. Galileo’s four-track tape recorder, critical for storing data for later playback, also caused problems that required study and intervention from the ground. Continue reading


Elon Musk is pretty much the best thing about Twitter, and today is no exception – the Tesla CEO tweeted that his electric car company is actually working on tech that would allow chargers to snake out of the wall and plug into your car automatically, eliminating the need to manually connect when you get your Model S back to your garage at night. Continue reading

Featured photo - Sony Hackers Threaten U.S. News Media Organization

The hackers who infiltrated Sony Pictures Entertainment’s computer servers have threatened to attack an American news media organization, according to an FBI bulletin obtained by The Intercept. Continue reading