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Google alerted organization on Christmas Eve of served warrant. Continue reading

While the open source movement has made getting up and running with a software project incredibly easy for those who know what to look for, the reality is that not every project can be updated to support the latest versions of the code they’re built on. Continue reading

Lizard Squad was responsible for DDoS attacks on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live

The hacking group has released the ‘LizardStresser’ DDoS tool to help people overload websites and internet services, charging between $6 and $500 per attack Continue reading

In Los Angeles, you spend a lot of time looking at the outside of things. From Los Feliz to West Hollywood, an embankment of multimillion-dollar residences rise up on the right of your peripheral vision as you drive west down Sunset Boulevard, each a constant hovering reminder that there will always be a level of material affluence that exceeds your own, whether or not you decide you care. Continue reading

What was once Restoration Hardware is now a SoHo Apple Store. Photo: Flickr
Real estate in New York? It just ain’t cheap. In fact, it’s so expensive that even if you have a successful business you might not be able to afford it.

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A self-professed member of the Lizard Squad was arrested this week by the South East Regional Organised Crime Unit in England, according to documents obtained by two publications and a Thames Valley Police press release. Continue reading

Actor Randall Park, centre, plays Kim Jong-un in Sony's controversial movie The Interview. A South Korean activist says he plans to float copies of the film over the border using balloons.

Activist to float 100,000 DVDs and USBs with the movie into the country in January Continue reading

Samsung’s produced some very impressive laptops from its Ativ Book 9 line, and for 2015 the company is putting forward a new ultrabook that could be its strongest answer to Apple’s MacBook Air yet. Continue reading