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lenovo vibe z2 pro

The Vibe Z2 Pro costs only 32,999 INR or US$533 to dethrone the Find 7 as the cheapest Quad HD smartphone. What’s more, the Vibe Z2 Pro beats the Find 7 on more aspects than one under the hood as well, with the only (debatable) exception being the screen size, which on the Vibe Z2 Pro stands at 6 inches. Continue reading


China’s proactive Huawei today announced the Honor Holly, besides making the Honor 6 official in India and Malaysia. Continue reading

kingsing s2 review

Earlier this week we received a KingSing S2 sample, the phone that wants to be your LG G3 wannabe. Here are our initial hands on impressions. Continue reading

Tracks IOS, Android, Windows, and Java Me/J2ME cell phones Continue reading

For years now, the popular thing to say for people who either fear or hate drones has been, well, see how that drone stands up to my bullets. Someone finally went and did it. Continue reading

umi zero official photos 6

UMi are currently in the process of turning over a new leaf. The company are looking to the future and hoping to score big time with a new device will premium build quality! Take a look at the UMi Zero in these hands on first official photos and tell us what you think of the rumoured price tag. Continue reading

meizu MX4 vs IUNI u3

Measuring in at a similar physical size, boasting high-end hardware and both offering their own versions of an Android experiences, the Meizu MX4 and IUNI U3 have a lot in common, and equally as much that is different. Let’s take a look at these Chinese smartphones side by side for a better understanding Continue reading

The Apple Watch went on display this morning at Colette, a high-end Paris boutique that consistently attracts swarms of the hipper-than-thou. The event marked the first time that the watch has been shown to the public since company CEO Tim Cook unveiled it at a media event in California earlier this month, though it remained a decidedly hands-off affair. The watches were kept behind glass displays on the ground floor of the store, and visitors were not allowed to touch Continue reading

iocean x8 mini pro review

Does iOcean’s latest pro level version of the iOcean X8 Mini meet the companies high standards? We take a look at the compact device in a hands on and first impressions. Continue reading

We reported early this week that CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, visited Xiaomi’s head offices in Beijing, the reason for the meeting? Possibly the launch of a $50 Xiaomi Windows phone. Continue reading