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Earlier today, ensuing both Apple’s release of iOS 7.1.1 more than two months ago and the unexpected iOS 7.1.1 Pangu Jailbreak utility that was released last week, Apple issued iOS 7.1.2 tothe public for alliPhone, iPod touch and iPad models.

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Blackphone, the smartphone designed for those worried about security and privacy on their device, has started to ship to customers. Continue reading

Some 689,003 lucky Facebook users were unwittingly part of an experiment in which their news feed was altered to make it more or less positive. Was this ethical? Continue reading


At any given moment there are approximately a zillion different crowdfunding campaigns happening on the Web. Take a stroll through Kickstarter or Indiegogo and you’ll find there’s no shortage of weird, ambitious, and downright stupid projects out there — far too many for any reasonable person to keep up with.  Continue reading


Apple today released iOS 7.1.2 to the public, more than two months after releasing iOS 7.1.1. iOS 7.1.2 is a minor update that focuses primarily on bug fixes and security improvements, repairing an email attachment encryption issue and fixing a bug with data transfer for third-party accessories. The update also includes improvements to iBeacon.  Continue reading

iPhone 6 Details

This morning we got some good news when we learned that the actual iPhone 6models Apple plans to launch this fall will likely have a crucial difference compared to the hundreds of mockups we’ve seen at this point. Instead of having the awful plastic inserts on them that completely ruins the sleek look of the aluminum housings, they will reportedly feature glass pieces above the antennas similar to the ones on the current iPhone 5s. Continue reading

HTC historically has not been good with software updates, neglecting updates for many phones and not meeting update deadlines, but it’s mostly changed its tune since the launch of the One M7. It has even committed to update the One M7 and One M8 to Android L promptly, and its Google Play edition models will also get the same love. Continue reading

The Moto X would have been a fine smartphone without any special custom designs: good price, solid performance, Touchless Control – there’s a lot to offer. But the wide variety of user-customizable designs offered though the Moto Maker site really sent this thing into the stratosphere, and we’ve long beenwaiting to see which future phones might get the same treatment. Continue reading

Even though the web is full of photos of iPhone 6 mock-ups, we all know these are based on the leaked schematics we saw months ago, and not really something that came out of a Foxconn assembly plant. Prototypes evolve, as we learned with devices like the iPhone 5, and clearly Apple has months until the final release of the iPhone 6 in order to polish the final design. If you’re wondering what additional polish is missing, rumors already point to what to expect. Continue reading

Google “arrogant” self-driving car plans turn off automakers

Google may be bringing self-driving cars to the public, but its “pod-car” trial is likely to remain small-scale sources claim amid ongoing tensions with traditional auto makers. Legal concerns insufficiently placated by Google’s own promises to take responsibility for self-driving accidents, along with accusations of arrogance on the part of the search giant have left negotiations cold. Continue reading