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There are a countless number of jailbreak tweaks that aim to improve the Lock screen experience, such as Convergance and IntelliScreenX, but not many come close to LockInfo7 in terms of usefulness. The newly released tweak by iOS developer David Ashman expands the functionality of the Lock screen in several different ways. Read ahead to see what I mean…  Continue reading

activation lock

Two hackers have created a tool that they claim can bypass Apple’s ‘Activation Lock.’ It’s called ‘doulCi, and it uses a man-in-the-middle attack to intercept users’ Apple ID credentials as well as unlock devices disabled by the highly-lauded security feature. Continue reading


If you’ve ever wandered about the many boroughs of New York City, you know that it’s only a matter of time before your smartphone runs out of juice during your excursion. Now, thanks to AT&T, a couple extra bars on the battery meter aren’t far away. Continue reading

Qualcomm is readying the Snapdragon 805, and with new processors – and the superlatives to go along with them – proliferating, it’s trying to address the question of whether the new chip is the “Next Big Thing” or not. Continue reading


Apple today released Safari 7.0.4 for OS X Mavericks and Safari 6.1.4 for OS X Mountain Lion and Lion, addressing a significant memory corruption issue in the WebKit engine powering Apple’s browser. It also addresses an issue with handling of unicode characters that could be exploited. Continue reading

PQ iStick A350-SSD

Over the past few years a number of companies have released tiny sticks that you can plug into a TV to run Android or Linux on a big screen. Thanks to low-power ARM processors, these little sticks are often barely bigger than a USB flash drive, but they basically have the guts of a smartphone or tablet. Continue reading

To most, Honda is a maker of the everycar — affordable, safe, practical, fuel efficient road transportation that neither excites nor offends. To some, it’s also a maker of motorcycles. To a few, it’s the maker of Asimo, the perennially entertaining humanoid robot that makes appearances at trade shows. Continue reading

Jailbreak 7.1.1 UnTethered iOS Cyberelevat0r

Today, ensuing our latest coverage on i0n1c’s possible iOS 7.1.1 UnTethered jailbreak for all iDevices, the hacker has taken matters a step further by posting additional proof. Continue reading

Jailbreak 7.1.1 i0n1c 44 Devices

Mere days ago, i0n1c tweeted out an image of his personal iPhone 5c jailbroken on iOS 7.1.1 stating that he successfully discovered a new method to jailbreak 7.1.1 fully UnTethered. Continue reading

Microsoft just announced the Surface Pro 3 and a new direction for the Surface line. Microsoft is no longer looking to counter the iPad. The Surface Pro 3 is Microsoft’s answer to the “heavy” MacBook Air. Continue reading