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At F8, Facebook introduced new mobile privacy tools, and a mobile ad business called Audience Network. Continue reading

Microsoft Research has designed a keyboard that integrates gesture controls for a more seamless user interface.
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How To Find My iPhone

When it comes to your smartphone or tablet, there is absolutely nothing worse than the feeling you get when you realize your device is no longer by your side. First, a moment of sheer terror causes you to freeze in place. Then panic sets in and the frantic rush to retrace your steps and think of where you might have left your device makes accurately retracing those steps incredibly difficult. Continue reading

Nod is a wearable Bluetooth ring that lets you control a number of devices by simply waving your hand in the air. Continue reading

iPhone 6 Rumors

After numerous reports claimed the iPhone 6 will have a completely new design featuring curved edges and an extremely thin profile, Nowhereelse has found images showing a mockup iPhone 6 model that seems to match the recent leaks – the dummy iPhone has reportedly been photographed in China, although it’s not clear who made it and for what purpose. The publication says the images have been posted on a Chinese forum well known for Apple leaks. Continue reading

How To Download YouTube Videos

YouTube changed the world, plain and simple. It made video an integral part of the Internet and it continues to give anyone and everyone a creative outlet. Careers have been launched on YouTube. Continue reading

Tails is the secure system that protected Edward Snowden. Here’s how it works.

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For those who don’t want to go through the risky procedure of flashing a custom ROM, the Xposed framework is a great tool to tweak your Android device. Continue reading


We’ve written a lot about the trio of the HTC One (M8), Samsung Galaxy S5 and Sony Xperia Z2. From reviews to comparisons to detailed breakdowns of what the software changes are. Continue reading

Orion's parachutes deflate after a successful touchdown following a test at the U.S. Army's Yuma Proving Ground on April 23. Image Credit: NASA

The team designing the parachute system for NASA’s Orion spacecraft has demonstrated almost every parachute failure they could imagine. But on April 23, they tested how the system would perform if the failure wasn’t in the parachutes. Continue reading