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When the Nexus 5 arrived, it brought with it a new spin on the Android launcher, making Google Now just one swipe away from your home screen. Continue reading

Nokia 220 hands-on

What does €29 get you in a phone? If it’s the Nokia 220 you’re looking at, it gets you Nokia’s cheapest ever data-capable handset, though don’t get too excited: this dual-SIM candybar is 2G-only. Continue reading

We just showed you how the new Xperia M2 from Sony looks in comparison to HTC’s midrange One Mini, but the M2 wasn’t the only new Xperia brought with it to the MWC this morning; we also got the Xperia Z2 flagship. Continue reading

Using the processing power of smartphones from around the globe, HTC is making an initiative called Power To Give for theresearch of medicine, science, and echology. Continue reading

And the winner is –at a lightning fast 270.49mph –the Hennessey Venom GT! And yes, it does require a space shuttle landing strip to test. Continue reading

This week we’re having a peek at Sony’s latest effort with the rebooted Z, a device called the Sony Xperia Z2. This device rolls out with a 5.2-inch Full HD display – that’s 1080 x 1920 pixels, with Sony’s Live Color LED powered by X-Reality for mobile technology. Continue reading

Samsung today announced the Galaxy S5, the successor to the Galaxy S4, during its Unpacked5 event at Mobile World Conference 2014 in Barcelona. Continue reading

Benchmarks may be suspect to some, but they can reveal quite a bit. Aside from performance, of which the validity has been called into question many times, we can learn a lot about the hardware makeup of a handset. Continue reading

Apple’s latest update to iOS, released Friday (Feb. 21), doesn’t seem important at first. But the update actually fixes a serious security flaw, possibly caused by a single stray line of code, which leaves hundreds of millions of iPhones and iPads vulnerable to hackers. Continue reading

Galaxy S5 Hands On

Samsung might have missed out on an early opportunity to buy Android before Google did, but the South Korea-based technology giant still managed to become a dominant force in the smartphone market in just a few short years. Continue reading