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Download GeForce 331.93 Beta Driver

Download the Nvidia GeForce 331.93 Beta driver as released by NVIDIA. Continue reading

How do you sense the passing of time?

Did you make it to work on time this morning? Go ahead and thank the traffic gods, but also take a moment to thank your brain. Continue reading

Announced just last month, the LG G Flex curved smartphone is already released in Korea with partner telcos. One unit found its way to the Philippines. Continue reading

2013 Tesla Model S electric sport sedan [photo by owner David Noland]

A couple of weeks ago, shortly after I took delivery of my 2013 Tesla Model S, I noticed that my home electric meter seemed to be running a bit faster than normal. Continue reading


By drilling a 1.5 mile hole deep into an Antarctic glacier, physicists working at the IceCube South Pole Observatory have captured 28 extraterrestrial neutrinos — those mysterious and extremely powerful subatomic particles that can pass straight through solid matter. Welcome to an entirely new age of astronomy. Continue reading


And yet another AllWinner A20 development platform shows up in my news stream in about 24 hours. Merrii Technology, a Shenzhen based electronics design house, has showed off their Hummingbird Development Kit to Continue reading


A new wrinkle on the

Solid-state drives are everywhere, and we shouldn’t be surprised. SSDs have long been much faster than mechanical hard drives—and the difference striking enough for even casual users to perceive. Continue reading

iBuyPower revealed their own prototype box for their own upcoming Steam Machine. Keep in mind that various manufacturers will be allowed to make their own devices and iBuyPower is one of them. Their unit will go on sale next year for $499 (USD), the same price as an Xbox One. Continue reading


EVGA GeForce GTX 780 Ti SC ACX – It’s Pretty Darn Cool!

In this review, we test the EVGA GeForce GTX 780 Ti SC SuperClocked ACX. Armed with that 450W cooler and our FLIR camera we’ll see if it really is good cooling. Continue reading

Apple iPhone iPad Touch ID Trackpad

When BGR reviewed the iPhone 5s last month, we found the Touch ID to be a bit lacking. Continue reading