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Nokia Lumia 525

Nokia’s Lumia 525 Windows Phone has long been rumored, and the Finnish smartphone manufacturer is making it official today with little fanfare. Continue reading


Back in April, I said that BLU “is a company to keep an eye on moving forward.” A few months later, I reviewed (and loved) my first BLU device: the Life Play. Continue reading

Baby steps towards the watch of the future Continue reading

Overclocking is one of those subjects I’m always a little antsy about with newer enthusiasts. It’s something with a storied history. Continue reading


The latest and greatest in mobile processors available today is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800. Continue reading

HELSINKI: A team of ex-Nokia engineers is launching a smartphone based on the former world No. 1 cellphone maker’s old software, hoping to grab a share of a highly competitive market. Continue reading

Galaxy S5 Specs Leak

We have already seen what appears to be one of the coolest new features of the Galaxy S5, but Samsung has yet to release any official specs for its upcoming flagship smartphone. Continue reading

Another system has joined Zotac’s line of diminutive PCs. This newcomer is based on AMD’s Kabini processor, and it features Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI out, and wired connectivity up the wazoo. Continue reading

So, Docker 0.7 is finally here! We hope you’ll like it. On top of countless bug fixes and small usability improvements, it introduces 7 major features since 0.6.0: Continue reading

Xbox One internals [Image credit: iFixit]

For months, Sony and Microsoft fanboys have lined up to hurl insults at each other over which console would pack more hardware, hit higher performance targets, or prove a better design for the next generation. Continue reading