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Huawei announces the Honor 3: price and features

Threes, Huawei announced this morning the third generation of Honor. In this menu Honor 3 HD 4.7 “screen, quad-core and 13-megapixel camera processor. Continue reading

Nanosatellites are smartphone-sized spacecraft that can perform simple, yet valuable, space missions. Dozens of these little vehicles are now tirelessly orbiting the earth performing valuable functions for NASA, the Department of Defense and even private companies. Continue reading

Physical buttons on smartphone seem to be an endangered species. But sometimes it’s easier to control your phone with the press of a button than an on-screen gesture. Continue reading

Cloverlead Linux with KlyDE

The team behind the discontinued Fuduntu Linux distribution are shifting their focus yet again. Continue reading

Nextway F9x

The Nextway F9X is a low-cost Android tablet with a quad-core processor and an iPad-like 9.7 inch, 2048 x 1536 pixel display. It’s a nice looking tablet, feels pretty sturdy, and looks great on paper. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Gear Manager

Samsung is expected to introduce its first smartwatch soon, letting you pair a wristwatch with a smartphone to view notifications and access some apps without pulling your phone out of your pocket. Samsung hasn’t revealed any real details about the watch yet, but serial leaker @evleaks has obtained pictures of the smartphone companion app. Continue reading

In a bid to increase the hype over its upcoming camera-centric smartphone, Oppo has posted an image of the camera module, which should appear in the Oppo N1. Continue reading

An Ariane 5 rocket fired its clean-burning hydrogen-fueled main engine, passed an automated check of dozens of health parameters, and lit two tube-shaped solid rocket boosters to blast away from its launch pad in the Amazon jungle Thursday with two communications satellites to serve the Middle East, North Africa and India. Continue reading

There may soon come a time when nearly uncrackable secret information can be beamed straight to your smartphone. No, we’re not talking about handsets loaded with GPG keys or two-factor authentication apps, but the waaaaaay far out ideas behind quantum cryptography, the incredibly secure communication technology capable of locking down messages far more tightly than Lavabit ever could. Continue reading

Cassini Data Reveals a Rigid Weathered Ice Shell on Titan

Using new data from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft, scientists from UC Santa Cruz discovered a negative correlation between the gravity and topography signals on Titan, indicating a rigid, weathered ice shell. Continue reading