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XPS 10 is a very tough hybrid Windows RT but pricey


Not very original in its form, the Dell XPS 10 can boast of being a real camel. Taking up the concept of the hybrid machine (a tablet with detachable keyboard), the Texan setting Windows RT and not Windows 8 unlike the competition. Continue reading

With its beautiful Envy x2, HP is paying a high price for the hybrid


The Envy x2 is a signed HP well finished and comfortable to use hybrid vehicle … but too expensive. Pay 900 euros for a device half tablet, half as powerful as a laptop netbook is a bit hard to accept in times of crisis. Continue reading

The ultrabook Asus Taichi 21 has two screens but lacks endurance


The concept was enticing on paper but the reality was disappointing. Sold too expensive for its services, the Taichi 21 is not up to our expectations.Asus must review its copy. Continue reading

Chromebook Pixel: Google to assault the laptop (exclusive)

If the ergonomics and comfort of the screen we liked, low autonomy, price and system limits tarnish the picture somewhat. Continue reading

Toshiba Satellite U940: large ultrabook handicapped by his screen


the promise

Being part of the new wave of announced at the Electronics Show in Berlin (IFA 2012) machine, the Satellite U940 is a PC format 14-inch ultrabook. Its finish is less careful than the Portégé Z930 , ultrathin PC while magnesium brand. We tested the U940-117 model. Here are our conclusions. Continue reading

maine lidar buoy offshore wind

When the DeepCWind Consortium at the University of Maine launches the 1:8-scale VolturnUS into the Penobscot River this Friday and then takes it out to sea, it will mark the deployment of the first grid-connected floating offshore wind turbine in U.S. waters. But there’s more to this project.

The consortium will also deploy a buoy that could represent a big advance in measuring offshore wind speeds, a matter of considerable concern for parties considering investing in offshore projects. Continue reading



One of the most anticipated Android smartphones early this year, the HTC One however, is not given with his bare price is around 630 euros. Prepared an all-aluminum hull which makes it very elegant, with a 4.7-inch screen 1080p resolution and a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor S600, HTC One is probably not down assets to appeal to consumers.

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Sony Xperia S Android 4.1.2 Update Finally Rolling Out

The update carries build number 6.2.B.200 and is rolling out initially for users in France. This time around there are screenshots to prove that the update is indeed out, so its only a matter of time before every Jelly Bean starved Xperia S user gets the update. Continue reading

Xolo Q700 Review


For a Rs. 10,000 device, it is easy to recommend the Xolo Q700 based on the features it offers. It gives you a fantastic build, good specifications, impressive display and a camera that can take good images in a well-lit situation. The battery life is good too. On the downside, it natively doesn’t recognise HD content and that is a bummer. The camera’s low light performance too is disappointing. If you are looking for a smartphone with a sub 10k price tag, you can consider the Xolo Q700 at the top of your list. Continue reading

htc logo2

Details on an upcoming HTC superdevice, codenamed T6, reportedly leaked giving us a glimpse into what the manufacturer has cooking for later this year. I know we don’t like using the word “phablet,” but the device is listed as featuring a massive 5.9″ display, complete with 1080p resolution. If that wasn’t enough to get someone excited, it is reported that HTC looks to power this monster using Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor, capable of maintaining a clock speed of up to 2.3GHz. Continue reading