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The commercial spaceflight company Virgin Galactic flew its SpaceShipTwo space plane on the craft’s first rocket-powered test flight Monday (April 29) from the Mojave Air and Space Port in California. But that’s just the start of a campaign to launch paying passengers into space. Continue reading

Drop zone: part of the ALPHA experiment. Credit:

Antimatter is strange stuff. It has the opposite electrical charge to matter and, when it meets its matter counterpart, the two annihilate in a flash of light. Four University of California, Berkeley, physicists are now asking whether matter and antimatter are affected differently by gravity as well. Could antimatter fall upward – that is, exhibit anti-gravity – or fall downward at a different rate? Continue reading

Lenovo’s next ThinkPad notebook is laptop with a 14 inch display and a small screen bezel — the company says the Lenovo ThinkPad S431 is about the size you’d expect a 13 inch laptop to be. Continue reading

Smartwatches may soon be on their way from industry heavyweights such as Apple, Google, Samsung and Microsoft.

But as capable as these ultra-small computers may be, how will users enter an address, a name, or a search term into them? One possible solution is an iterative zooming technique developed and tested by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University.

Dubbed ZoomBoard, this text entry technique is based on the familiar QWERTY keyboard layout. Though the full keyboard is impossibly small on a watch-size display, simply tapping the screen once or twice will enlarge an individual key until it can be comfortably and accurately pressed. Continue reading

Opportunity Rolls On Maas Digital LLC for Cornell University and NASA/JPL via Wikimedia

The Mars rover Opportunity has put itself into a type of standby mode, and NASA managers are waiting for it to resume normal behavior. The rover may have sensed something amiss while it was waiting out the solar conjunction between Mars and Earth. Continue reading

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iOS 7 is probably right around the corner, at least as a preview coming at Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference in June, and it looks like it might be the most exciting change to Apple’s mobile OS we’ve seen in a long time, at least on the surface. iOS 7 will get a flat visual look, which is all the rage these days, at the hands of Apple’s chief design guru Jony Ive, according to a new report by 9to5Mac. The blog’s sources say that it’s “very, very flat,” losing any evidence of computer-generated shine, glare or the skeuomorphism reportedly favored by deposed iOS chief Scott Forstall. Continue reading

User complains that Path contacted his entire address book after he uninstalled the app

path iphone

Path, the photo-centric social network that just hit 10 million users yesterday, has been getting some heat for what some users say are spammy tactics to recruit new users. Continue reading

Google is reportedly testing a new Chromebook powered by Intel’s x86 Haswell SoC.

For some strange reason, the new device has been nicknamed “Slippy,” at least according to a few lines of Chromium code spotted by one Dinsan Francis.

Additional specs are few and far between, although we do know the device, if it ever comes to market, also features an SD card slot along with two USB 3.0 ports. Continue reading

Google Nexus 4: a new version with 4G and double the internal memory would approach

Google and LG have the intention of correcting the two main problems of the Nexus 4 by releasing a new version of the device offering compatibility with the 4G networks (LTE) and 32 GB of internal storage memory. Continue reading