Sony Xperia: Models Cyber-shot and Walkman are being prepared

Sony Xperia: Models Cyber-shot and Walkman are being prepared

Do you remember the time when Sony and Ericsson had produced sets of phones like the famous models of the Sony Ericsson W or K? At the time, they came regularly signed Walkman phone and Cyber-shot. And we must admit that these devices offered the best made ​​either picture and audio in their time. Unfortunately, when the two firms are separate phones Walkman and Cyber-shot have also disappeared. Walkman label has been reinvented to become a simple software that is included in Smartphones Sony Cyber-shot and had ceased to exist long before the separation.

Sony Xperia Models Cyber-shot and Walkman are being prepared

Rumors began to surface when the CEO of Sony, Kazuo Hirai, stated he would like to launch a project leveraging the capabilities of the brand in picture and audio. Recently, an anonymous source has supported the existence of this project and it is already running. According to information revealed, Sony is working on new Xperia Smartphones to reuse labels Cyber-shot and Walkman. Of course, these devices will run on Android OS.

You will find below the statement of the anonymous source, who spoke to our colleagues at PhoneArena :

Apart from the xperia has, ul, phablet launching in summer … There are three more coming in q3 parallel flagships.
1. This one is 5 inch xperia cybershot . It will be equipped with best camera so far in smartphones. With sensor size almost equal to PUREVIEW carl zeiss optics 808 and it will stand out from the rest of the crowd. Other specs will be top of the line. Also, the waistline of the phone is well within limits.
2. This one is 5 inch xperia walkman . It will come with integrated amplifier chip and all other goodies sony walkman series of top and same specs.
3. This one is a live iPhone competitor in a small form factor and small screen size with camera and other specs same as xperia cybershot.

According to this statement, there are three devices that will be released in the third quarter of this year, apart from the Xperia A and UL.

The first is a 5-inch device Xperia highlighting the Cyber-shot technology. It is predicted to be one of the best cameras ever designed for a Smartphone, Carl Zeiss, and will be a formidable opponent for Nokia with its technology PureView 808, which equips the Lumia models.

The second is also a 5-inch smartphone Xperia will come with a chip audio amplification. It will have the Walkman technology with the functionality of high-level label.

As for the latter, it will be a direct competitor to the iPhone with the same form factor with a small screen and a little specifications similar to Xperia Cyber-shot.

For now, it is still only speculation, but they are no less intriguing. In their day, the Walkman phones and Cyber-shot phones were the best on the market. If Sony really intends to reintroduce these technologies, this could be a turning point for the brand to a new glory, larger and more durable than they already get through Z Xperia .

Source: Vedux