Not only has iFixit long been the go-to source for gadget teardowns, it’s often seen as an authority on just how repairable a device is post-purchase. So when the outfit released its “Tablet Repairability” list recently, we took notice. The Dell XPS 10 took top marks (9 out of 10) for its color-coded screws and labeled cables, while Apple and Microsoft slumped to the bottom. Every iPad from the second generation onward scored a 2, and the Surface Pro has the unenviable position as the worst of the lot with a score of 1. Excessive adhesive is the culprit behind the low scores, as is the high probability of part breakage upon disassembly. Not every tablet on the market made it on the list, but it’s a decent start as iFixit finds more slates to tear down. Head on over to the source to see if your favorite tablet is easily fixable or if you need to look into rugged cases and extended warranties.

Via: ittechnworld

Source: iFixit