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NeuroSpire, with Jake Stauch at the helm, has developed software that lets companies scan brains to deliver better ads–and do it on the cheap. Continue reading
We’re all familiar with images of lurching robots performing rote tasks on the factory production lines. But the capabilities of robots have evolved well beyond the banality of those grainy industrial films.
TRP Robotics Analyst

TRP Robotics Analyst

Today’s Advertisementindustrial robots have incredible dexterity to match their brute strength, and can actually learn on the job. And then there’s an entirely new breed of robots—some in humanoid form, and others that take highly practical forms all their own—that can walk, talk, save lives, and perform critical jobs in extreme environments, or simply take care of mundane tasks at home while we’re out enjoying our lives. Continue reading

Cool land could help meet bandwidth needs, just look below you

Data Caves

Data Caves Arup via The Register

Companies have made data centers–those big warehouses full of servers–into creative, even beautiful, spaces before. But, short on available land, Hong Kong is looking into where to put new data centers, and they’re thinking caves might be the ticket. Continue reading

A new study demonstrates how easy it is to identify people from the location-tracking data on their cellphones. Continue reading

The National Security Agency just released archive editions of its in-house magazine, Cryptolog. Check out the crosswords. Continue reading

T-Mobile announced its new “Uncarrier” strategy–no more two-year contracts, pay for the phone up front. It’s a step in the right direction, but not enough. Let’s ban all smartphone subsidies and contracts. Continue reading

We shortlist some of the best displays we’ve come across on smartphones of late. Read on to find out who made our list… Continue reading

Sony Xperia: Models Cyber-shot and Walkman are being prepared

Sony Xperia: Models Cyber-shot and Walkman are being prepared

Do you remember the time when Sony and Ericsson had produced sets of phones like the famous models of the Sony Ericsson W or K? At the time, they came regularly signed Walkman phone and Cyber-shot. And we must admit that these devices offered the best made ​​either picture and audio in their time. Continue reading

Information about packages that 4G will land in Orange from April 4

Information about packages that 4G will land in Orange from April 4

From 4 April, 15 cities will benefit from the offer 4G Orange. There will be Marseille, Lyon, Nantes, Lille, Paris (Opera), Bordeaux, Chartres, Orleans, La Rochelle, Dunkirk, Nancy, Metz, Grenoble, Annecy and Clermont-Ferrand. Orange catches well the delay in offering the largest 4G coverage in France. Continue reading

New test for autonomy for HTC One

There are a few days of this, we have already shown the first tests done by our colleagues on the HTC battery One. The results were more than convincing and in general, the device showed good endurance in terms of autonomy. This time, we will focus on that which has been done by GSMArena . Recall that the HTC One has a 2300 mAh battery and is equipped with a Quad Core processor Snapdragon S600 from Qualcomm. Continue reading