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Researchers have spotted the first stage of a new advanced persistent threat (APT) campaign targeting mainly South Korean victims and borrowing code from the notorious Chinese hacking group Comment Crew. View full article »

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Microsoft’s SettingContent-ms has become a recent topic of interest. In July, we saw one spam campaign use malicious SettingContent-ms files embedded in a PDF to drop the remote access Trojan FlawedAmmyy, a RAT also used by the Necurs botnet. That campaign was mostly targeting banks in different countries across Asia and Europe. View full article »

Louis Rossmann says US Customs and Border Patrol seized $1,000 worth of laptop batteries, claiming they were counterfeit.

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In a post to an underground hacking and cybercrime forum, the GandCrab developers have released the decryption keys for Syrian victims. The release of these decryption keys was in response to a Tweet where a Syrian victim asked for help after photos of his deceased children were encrypted. View full article »

Attackers can exploit the vulnerability to carry out several malicious activities, including defacement, exfiltration, and malware infection. The flaw was reported by the Akamai researcher Larry Cashdollar, he explained that many other packages that include the vulnerable code may be affected. View full article »

This exploit will attempt to find one of the three common variations of the software and upload a simple PHP shell. View full article »

This package has been included in various other packages and this code included in the projects web accessible path. It’s actively being exploited in the wild. CVE-2018-9206 View full article »

Webinar reveals how a penetration tester proved that companies’ sensitive information can be accessed by hackers via a smartphone.

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Webinar reveals how hospitals and healthcare organizations can protect patient and company data with mobile threat defense.

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As a part of our ongoing IoT platform research, zLabs recently analyzed some of the leading operating systems in the IoT market, including FreeRTOS. FreeRTOS is a market leader in the IoT and embedded platforms market, being ported to over 40 hardware platforms over the last 14 years. In November 2017, Amazon Web Services (AWS) took stewardship for the FreeRTOS kernel and its components. View full article »